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My experience from day 1 to now

John Montgomery

From day 1, until this very moment my experience with Swingtime Golf USA has been magnificent. Alan Duval has exceed my expectation for the program. It has only been 4 months into the program and my golf game and life has improved.

My experience has been magnificent because of the media exposure, training, and life lessons. Swingtime afford me the opportunity to share professional quality photos and videos with my family, friends, and the rest of the world. In addition, the mental training that I received from Alan has been so beneficial to my growth as a young man and a golfer. I have learned so much about the business of life and golf, things that are not learned from reading a book, but learned from experiencing them in real life. Those lessons are priceless.

For the months of January, February, and March we were in full training mode. Alan and I played over 40 rounds of golf together. The main focus was to get over the fears that we had on the golf course. For me I had a fear off the tee box and fear of shooting a bad round. During our training, Alan advised me to hit my driver on tight holes that I would never hit driver on, to help me concur that fear. I had to learn to swing with no hesitation and go for it. It worked very well. I started to hit more fairways and my scores dropped in turn. Swingtime has done much more than just teach me better ways to play golf, it taught me life lessons and business lessons as well.

The business of golf can be very cruel if you are not wise. There are a lot of people in this industry that are only in it to make a profit and they will do what every they need to make that profit. It is important to be able to spot and stay away from those people in order to grow in golf.

John Montgomery
John Montgomery

The business of life is very similar. It is tough to find people who are truly interested in what is best for you. People who really care about your goals and aspirations. Since my first day with Swingtime I knew that this was a company that truly cared, and i can say with all my heart that Swingtime Adopt a Golfer program is all for the golfers. The initiative is to get underprivileged golfers to take their rightful place in the game of golf. I can say all this because I lived in the program for 4 months now and I experienced it all.

In conclusion, my experience from day 1 until now has been great. I learned so much in golf and life in just 4 months into the program. All the positive things that I have in place for me right now will help me continue to grow. I have everything I need in order to get myself ready for playing golf on the professional golf circuits. I can't wait to see where my golf game and life will be in just one year with Swingtime.

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John L Montgomery III

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