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A Turtle's Way Of Life

500 Feet From The Water

Today we played a round of golf at Eagle Creek Golf Club in Orlando, FL. The threesome included Alan Duval, CEO of Swingtime Golf, Kevin Hall and I. Our tee time was set at 9:33am, so the air was a little chilly and the grass still had some morning dew on it. We have played many rounds together, however, there is never a dull moment between us. The conversation is always positive and influencing because we are a team, looking to make the best out of our experience with SwingTime Golf USA. My experience at Eagle Creek was productive and informing.

My round of golf was productive because i started to see some improvement in every part of my game. I was striking the ball well. For example, the first hole is a 371 yard par 4. The wind was blowing about 20 mph down and across, i hit my 3 wood perfectly down the middle. I only had 94 yards left to a back pin, so I hit a three quarter gap wedge that took one bounce about eight feet before the hole and stopped on a dime, only inches from the hole. The other parts of my game, such as, my chipping and putting, are also improving. Today I got up and down 4 put of 4 tries.

With just a little practice on every part of my game, I improved in each aspect. Seeing improved results is a guaranteed way of building confidence. The informing part of my experience usually comes after the round of golf because we always go to the restaurant and have a few drinks and talk about our performance.

Watch Your Step
John Montgomery

But this day was special because during the round there was a turtle in the middle of the fairway. This turtle was about 500 yards from any water, but for some reason it still seemed to be calm and relaxed. Alan went on to explain the life of a turtle and how he wants to live like one as well. Alan told us that the turtle moves very slow, but he always know where he is going and is confident that he will get there. Also the turtle has a hard shell for protection and knows that nothing can hurt him. When I heard that story, I knew that I would never look at a turtle the same. I feel like I gained so much respect for them now. I want a pet turtle in my house to remind me that I don't have to move fast and expect immediate results but live my life with the confidence that I am making steady progress and I will eventually get to my destination.

In conclusion, my experience at Eagle Creek was a memorable one because of my improved golf game and my enlightenment into a turtle's way of life. I am very thankful and blessed to be in the position I am with Swingtime Golf USA. I know that my day to take my rightful place in the world of golf is coming and I couldn't have any better support than Swingtime.

John L Montgomery III

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