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Risky Business

John Montgomery

The 13th hole at Falcons Fire golf course in Orlando, FL is a monster! Accuracy and distance are important off the tee to avoid bunker hell on the left side and water all down the right. The green is small and slopes to the right towards the water, which calls for an perfect shot to hit it close to the pin. When Rees Jones designed this signature hole he wanted to strike fear into the golfers mind. Rees made the hole look safe if you lay up with a 220 yard club short and left, but that makes a really difficult 2nd shot in.

I played this golf course twice in one day. The first time I played the 13th hole I hit a 3wood to try and lay up short of the bunkers. I struck the ball so good that I went through the fairway into a bunker. I had 130 yards to the pin with a tough lie in the bunker.

Falcon's Fire

I hit a PW short of the green and didn't get up and down for par. The second time I played the 13th hole I hit a driver perfect. I only had 70 yards to the pin, so I hit a sand wedge to about 10 feet and make the putt for birdie. The reason I hit driver the second time around was because Alan Duval (CEO of Swingtime Golf USA) told me to. His reason behind hitting driver was that it was a good calculated risk. Since the bunkers are in play no matter what club you hit, might as well take on the challenge with a driver. Alan is teaching us how to attack challenges and be fearless because that's how champions play golf! This applies to life and business as well. When a challenge appears, you have to be able to attack with calculated risk, then learn to except the results and learn from it. All successful people in business, life or golf know how to attack.

What I learned from this experience is how to attack something by taking a calculated risk and except the results in a positive way. It is very simple to say but tough to do. When learning something new or trying to make changes for the better, it is so important to remember the turtle. TAKE ONE STEP AT A TIME because you will get there. Patience is sometime bitter, but the fruit is always sweet!

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John L Montgomery III

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