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What's there to fear?

At the PGA Show

As I sit here thinking about a topic for the blog, several scenarios flash across my mind. Michael Jordan driving to the basket with defenders all over him then pulling up for a jumper with 2 seconds to go. Tiger Woods hitting a 6 iron out of the bunker from 226 yards across water to a pin tucked in the corner with the championship on the line. Mariano Rivera on the mound needing to get three outs for the Yankees to win the World Series. Walter Ray Williams needing to throw three strikes in the final frames to win a PBA title. Roger Federer serving for the match in a tight final set at Wimbledon.

When I think about those athletes during the crucial moments in a game or match, they all have one thing in common. They are fearless when they have to get it done. When the pressure is at the maximum, those athletes have only one single thought: I KNOW I CAN DO IT. They have learned how to let go of fear and go after it with confidence. For most of us, there is fear; a four letter word that could have a huge impact on the outcome. It can cripple us both emotionally and physically. It can make us commit mistakes that set us back in the process. It can make us doubt ourselves and our ability to get it done. It can be the reason some of us never accomplish our goals or live life to the fullest. F-E-A-R.

This was one of the many lessons Alan Duval, CEO of Swingtime Golf USA, has taught me in the past week. After a round last weekend at Forest Lake Golf Course, I thought I had played a good round in tough conditions, shooting 71 but during our conversations after the round, I discovered that I played the round with fear.

Fearful Birds
John & Kevin

It was because of the fear that I didn't shoot lower than 71. It was fear that caused a lot of my approach shots to come up short. It was fear that caused me to leave a lot of makeable birdie putts short. So Alan spent a lot of time talking to me about how to overcome the fear and play golf the way I know I can play.

I played several rounds during the week after Forest Lake and I tried to not let fear overcome me but it still got me on some shots. I shot 71-71-68-70. I would get off to a good start then I would hold back a little bit and I didn't finish off my rounds. Then on Sunday, we played at Shingle Creek Golf Club. It's a gorgeous layout with great greens and I was looking forward to the round. I came to the course armed with new experiences of the week and I knew what I had to do in order to play a great round of golf. After a nice warm up on the range, I told myself that I will not let fear stop me from hitting the shots I wanted to hit. I will play aggressively and I will not let the outcome bother me. I swung with authority. I took enough club to cover the yardage. I went at the pin. I believed that I could make every putt. I had no fear. I focused only on what I wanted to do, nothing else mattered. As a result, I played my best round of the year to date, a bogey free 65.

What I learned during that round is that fear has no place in the game of golf and in life as well. As long as I have fear, I will never get anywhere. I have to eliminate fear and believe that I can do whatever it is I want to do if I put my mind to it. Alan likes to tell me that nothing in this world is impossible. NOTHING. Fear is there because you put it there. It is not real. It doesn't even exist. You fear something because you are worried about the possible outcomes. Focus only on things you can control. FOCUS ONLY ON WHAT YOU WANT TO DO, TRUST IT AND WATCH YOURSELF SOAR! Have absolutely NO fear!

*Please feel free to post a comment. You can e-mail me anytime with questions about Swingtime, what we do and the wonderful things they are doing with the Adopt-A-Golfer program. I look forward to hearing from you!

One Step At A Time

Kevin Hall

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